Although we encourage our customers to shop our store for the holiday, and we sure do have some amazing deals, we also wanted to take a moment to recognize this very American holiday.

On this Indigenous People Day, Patio World salutes the Lenni-Lenape Indians, who migrated from Asia to be the first to populate our Mercer County in the 1600s. We honor their culture and their stewardship of this beautiful land. This region has served as their sacred gathering place.

Our area played a pivotal role as a turning point in the American Revolution, and produced inventive leaders in the Nation’s early industrial and agricultural booms> It was and continues to be a haven for great thinkers and great ideas.

You can experience living history at the County’s Howell Living History Farm, offering year-round programs on 19th Century Mercer County farm life – or visit any of the County’s fascinating historic sites.

Columbus Day has become a day to remember Italian American heritage and the Italian immigrants’ many contributions to our country. Exploration and discovery paved the way for the existence of our great nation. And, we are indeed a nation known for changing the world with new ideas and creative expression.

Happy holiday to all. Take a moment to be thankful for all who paved our way.